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Китайский Зодиак / Chinese Zodiac (2012)
Название: Chinese Zodiac (CZ12) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Лейбл: Roc Music Studio
Композитор: Рок Чен
Дата релиза: 27 декабря 2012 года

01. Opening: the Beauty and Destruction of the Summer Palace
02. Mp Corp’s Conspiracy “Theme of Bonnie”
03. Body Blading I: the Presence of Jc
04. Body Blading II: Jc On Cliff, Army Trucks & Motorcycles
05. Body Blading III: Arriving of the Helicopter & CZ12 Title
06. Jc Team Arrived in Paris (Song)
07. Escaping from the French Castle
08. French Garden I: Labyrinth & Dogs
09. French Garden II: French Dogs Understand Chinese & Flying from Garden
10. A Girl in Car Catches a Man of Paragliding and the Result Is Hitting a Bus
11. Jc Flies Into the Car
12. Unstoppable (the Montage Song of Switching the Bronze Head)
13. To the Island
14. Beach Night: Never Change Clothes With Lights On
15. The Lizard and the Search On the Island
16. The Discovery of the “Indestructible”
17. Confession of the Count, 3 Stamps Are Destroyed
18. Coco Has Found the Truth
19. Bonnie Steals Keys
20. Desperate Coco Call for Help
21. The Fourth Skydiver
22. Sky Battle, Rescure & Jc Got the Dragon Head
23. The Willing of Sacrifice Upon Volcano
24. Ending “the Surprise”
25. Taste of Paris (Bonus Track)

Для скачивания доступны 6 треков (4, 6, 8, 12, 21-23)

Треклист на китайском

О фильме

саундтрек доспехи бога 3 OST
саундтрек к фильму доспехи бога 3 OST
саундтрек к фильму миссия зодиак OST
саундтрек к фильму китайский зодиак OST
Chinese Zodiac OST Soundtrack 

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